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Joanne Aitken  (Australia) -- on our service
I have purchased these nappies online (I live in Australia) and have absolutely loved them! They are a wonderful product - I have had no leaks or anything, they fit my baby boy well and they look so stylish! Also the customer service I received was fantastic, they were quick to respond to me, helped with any problems I had and also gave me some great deals. I will try to post some pictures in this group so you can have a look. :)

Lily Lau (Sibu, Sarawak) -- on Limited Edition Wetbag

Hi there SinDee, It was such a pleasant surprise to receive the cow wetbag yesterday--it's so prreeeetttyyyyy!

Ching Yee Li (KL) -- on our service

Really thanks a lot for the sharing and I feel so happy to get this info and start up with CDing my son.

Nadia Rahim (Pahang) -- on our diapers

I have tried your diaper cover & the stay dry insert. I really like it! Better than econobum cover.

Irene Chu (Sabah) -- on our diapers

I like your Cloth Diaper very much, coz it is not bulky & slim. so far no leaking also.

Ernniey Bt Norsani (KL) -- on our diapers

Hi, got the diapers this week... I love them! Let me know when you restock the diaper covers yeah! Been using CD since my 1st dd, know how yours are great!

Jessica Miki(Sabah)  -- on our diapers

tq....luv ur product :)

Adelyn Hanny (Taiwan) - on our diapers

We have received the diapers. Thanks so much for all the freebies.

Jasmine (Huei Tyng) (Sabah) -- on our cloth pads

Its really true that after using cloth pad u hardly want to use the disposable one... My period pain has reduced by 90%. Thank you so much!

Sze Ting (Ipoh, Perak)  -- on our cloth pads
i just love this cotton menstrual pad a lot. it is so comfortable!

Sin Dee -- on our cloth pads
I have had heavy flow for long long time and need to use 9 disposable pads per day and need to lay 2 pcs of dispo for night. After using this cotton menstrual pad, i need to use only 4-5 per day and no more leaking out even at night. It is so comfortable that i will not use any more disposables.

Sze Ting (Ipoh, Perak) -- on Eco Laundry Ball

我用了也觉得很好。我现在几乎每天洗一次尿布,一次衣服。还好用了laundry ball所以节省了很多洗衣粉。另外也节省了很多水因为现在洗衣只是需要用洗和打干的功能,不用过水的功能。感谢 sin dee介绍这么好的产品。

I like this laundry balls. I wash diapers every day once, and other clothes once day. I save a lot on detergent after using this eco laundry ball. I save on water too, since washing only require WASHING and SPINNING, i can skip the step on RINSING. Thanks to sin dee for introducing me this great product.

Woon Sing (Cameron Highland, Pahang) -- on Laundry Ball


刚好最近有促销,终于在网上订购两颗环保洗衣球,附送除污膏(Stain Remover). 试用了一周,意外的,它的效果比想像中好。洗好的衣物我拼命的闻,果然是没有臭味。女儿沾上许多西瓜汁的白色裙子,我涂上除污膏再用洗衣球洗,白色裙子上完全没有西瓜汁的痕迹。

I always feel not so 'real' when you try to wash clothes without detergent! And probably that's why I delayed for 1 year before i really for this eco laundry ball! During the recent promotion, I decided to get 2 balls (1 set) to try out. This came with 1 free stain remover. Just tried for one week and surprisingly, the effect was better than I imagine. My laundry came off without smell of sweat. I also managed to clean off my daughter's white dress which was stained with watermelon juice --- just by using the stain remover and the laundry ball.

In short, I am quite satisfied with this product --- on the cost of being environmental friendly and health note, plus it lasts till 1000 washes, it certainly save a lot!



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