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Why use cotton menstrual pads?

By caring  for yourself with cotton pads you

  1. Protect your most delicate parts from exposure to chemical gels and plastics, because of

    • Danger of disposable sanitary pads & tampons

      • In the west and Japan, health risks related to the use of disposable sanitary pads and tampons have started to gather public concerns.
      • Disposable sanitary pads are related to skin rashes and itchiness. Over 100 death cases and some 10,000 victims by TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) have been reported in the US alone.
      • Some contain deadly DIOXINS.
  2. Let your skin breathe
  3. Save money each month
  4. Reduce waste dumped in landfill, because: One woman disposes 10,000 napkins in her life

    • Major ingredients of disposable napkins are wood pulp.
    • Each woman is responsible for the loss of 5 fully matured trees from our disappearing forest.
    • Other 30-40% of materials are synthetic petroleum byproducts and plastics that are processed with chemicals, which release dioxins to our environment once disposed or burnt.
  5. Have healthier alternative for women & environment:

    • Cotton Menstrual Pad is a natural, ecological and healthier alternative.
    • It is easy to use, washable and reusable.
    • Many women commented it is surprisingly comfortable in spite of initial hesitancy to change to “old-fashioned” way from familiar disposable products.