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Wash and Care of Cloth Diaper

Caring for cloth diapers is easy.

  • Machine-washing your diapers before the first use.
  • Pre-wash your diapers with regular clothes for 3-4 times.
  • AVOID using washing powders that contain FABRIC SOFTENER, BLEACH AND ENZYMES
  • Don’t use natural soap products such as pure glycerine soap.
  • Don’t use nappy barrier or balm cream: If you want to use cream because of severe rash, use nappy liners to prevent cream getting onto the fleece. Alternatively you can use natural starch to keep the bum dry.
  • Don’t wash or dry on HOT or HIGH HEAT.
  • You may use laundry bag when using washing machine.
  • Don’t soak diaper in the water – to prolong the elastic lifespan. For diapers with velcro, close any Velcro laundry tabs as you remove diapers from baby before you placed the washing machine.
  • Don’t use Nappikleen, Dynamo, Pureen Kiddiwash, Pureen ABD, Kao Attack, Top Detergent
  • Avoid using liquid detergent cause most contain softener.
  • OK to use: Kao Attack Powder, Charlie’s Soap (powder), Pureen HAD (powder), Pureen HAD (liquid), BabyOrganix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser, Cosway Kiddiewash, Might Detergent, Fab Powder, Trojan Powder, Kuat Harimau Powder, Cosway Ecomax.

Washing cloth diaper is really easy!

pee only breastfed baby poo solid stool
Use 2 liners one to capture most of the runny breast-fed poo. Throw away soiled nappy liner
Use toilet spray (or turn on the shower at higher spray power) to remove most of the stain.  Squirt some diluted hand soap on the diaper
Rinse the diaper
Take out the insert and give it a good rinse as well. Or you may want to soak the INSERT(not DIAPER).
Squeeze dry to put in basket to wait for wash in washing machine.