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Trouble shooting common problems of cloth diaper

1. Stinky diapers:

Stinky diaper
Stinky diaper

2. Leaky diapers

Leaky diaper
Leaky diaper

3. Strip-washing diapers

  • Fill a sink with hot water
  • Add in some dish washing detergent.
  • Hand wash your diapers, rubbing the fleece vigorously together or use a medium bristle dish brush or hard bristle tooth brush to scrub the fleece.
  • Turn inside out and repeat on this side.
  • Rinse well, making sure that the water runs clear.
  • Toss to washing machine and wash without detergent.
  • Kao Attack powder form yield the best result. Dynamo and Persil seems to give rise to this repelling issue.