Regular cloth pad
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Washable Sanitary Cloth Pad 布卫生棉


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Product Description

  • Cotton flannel with water proof and breathable (PUL) fabric as backing.
  • Available in Regular, Long & Wide, and Panty liner size
  • Regular and Long & Wide comes with one free towel terry pad
  • For additional padding, you can always reuse your kids’ old hanky
  • Start your girls using cloth pads as young as in puberty.
  • They don’t leak as you think.
  • They are just as comfortable as wearing a piece of cotton panty!
  • All In One Style
  • All with flannel topped and waterproof PUL backing.
  • Double snaps button to adjust to your desired size.
  • Panty Liner (3 Layers)18 cm x 7cm, Top: Cotton, Middle: PUL and Cotton, Bottom: Cotton

    panty liner
    Panty Liner (front and back view)

  • Regular Pad (4 layers): 23.5cm x 8cm, Top: Cotton, Middle: PUL and Cotton, Bottom: Cotton
regular pad
Regular Pad (front and back view)

regular pad

  • Long & Wide Pad (4 layers): length: 30 cm, front width: 8cm, back width: 12 cm, Top: Flannel, Middle: 2 layers bamboo terry, Bottom: Printed PUL
cloth pad
Long & wide pad

Additional Information

Washable Sanitary Cloth Pad

Blue Garden – Long & Wide Pad, Dots On Pink – Regular Pad, Flower Bouquet – Regular Pad, Pink Bear – Panty Liner, Pink Flower – Regular Pad, Purple Garden – Long & Wide Pad, Red Garden – Long & Wide Pad, Rose Garden – Panty Liner, Rose Garden-Regular Pad, Pink Bear – Regular Pad