Fleece nappy liner

Washable Fleece Nappy Liner 可洗襯墊布 (pack of 4 pcs)

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Product Description

  • made for lining fitted diapers or prefolds when you want that stay-dry feel on your baby’s bottom.
  • Place inside nappy next to baby’s skin to draw wetness away.
  • Polyester microfleece allows moisture to flow through into the absorbent diaper and then dries very quickly, maintaining a soft, dry and
  • breathable layer against your baby’s bottom.
  • Provide a soft, comfy, breathable layer between skin and absorbent material in diaper.
  • Need to change the liner at each diaper change, whether it is soiled or not.
  • Protects the diaper from staining and makes it easier to dispose of the contents of the nappy down the toilet.
  • Wash twice before use.
  • Reusable liners work out as more economical than paper liners.
  • As with all fleece liners, do not use greasy diaper cream.
  • 13cm x 40cm approx.
  • Colour: YELLOWpack of 4 pcs    RM 20.00

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  • 可洗式的襯墊布
  • 方便放置於各式布尿褲裡或尿布上
  • 能有效隔離寶寶排泄物固體部份
  • 可保持宝宝干爽
  • 可在用后与尿布一起洗