Yellow fitted diaper
Adjustable size fitted diaperOne Size Fitted DiaperYellow fitted diaper

One Size Bamboo Fitted Diaper


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Adjustable size fitted diaper
Adjustable size fitted diaper


One Size Fitted Diaper
One Size Fitted Diaper
  • Very absorbent, very good for heavy wetter : comes with 2 layers on outer layer, 3 layers big size soaker (35x11cm), and 3 layers small size(32×11 soaker – the ENTIRE diaper is absorbent, not just the crotch area.
  • Better breathability:  due to natural fibres and also the option of going coverless in hot weather like the tropical countries.
  • Trim fitting.
  • Made from: Bamboo velour (outer), Bamboo fleece (inner): 70 % bamboo, 30% cotton
  • Bamboo is a type of renewable fibres that do not compromise ANY wild resources, and are grown 100% WITHOUT the use of any pesticides or chemicals and using limited water! 
  • Very comfortable fabric material that you would even want to sleep on it!
  • It also enables the ability for you to customise the diapers absorbency to provide layers where your baby needs them most! This means you’re able to make this diaper super trim, or super absorbent, and everything in-between. Truly versatile to suit your baby.
  • ONE-SIZE Fits Most: from 4 kg -15 kg. This means, as parents, you need not worry about purchasing different sizes as baby grows
  • Excellent economic choice- this system will save you thousands of dollars when compared to disposable nappies!
  • Excellent environmental choice – this system is made from Earth’s own fibres, and are an organic, natural choice for baby. No need to continuously throw plastic in the bin! Simply wash, re-use and feel good about the choice you’ve made.

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One Size Fitted Diaper

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