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Baby Wipes (9′ x 9′)

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Perfect Partners to Cloth Diapers

Why use cloth wipes?

You’ll love using cloth wipes for all the reasons you love your cloth diapers! They’re soft and comfy, will save you money, and are adorable – making changing time more fun for you and your little one! Read on for more reasons to use cloth wipes with your cloth diapers!

  • Comfortable : pamper your child’s tender skin with 2 layers of cotton flannel sewn together for trimness and strength.  Disposable wipes can be rough and who knows what their “cloth like” substance is made of?

  • Essential :  perfect for diaper changes, they’re also perfect for cleaning up the inevitable messes that children tend to attract. Sticky fingers and messy faces? Runny nose? Spilled drink? Nothing is too messy for our 9′ x 9′ cloth wipes!

  • Simple : easier to use with cloth diapers than disposable wipes are. Simply wet your cloth wipe with plain water or cloth wipe solution for a comfortable, effective way to clean up. After using your cloth wipes you can just toss them into the diaper pail with the dirty diaper; no need to sort out the messy disposable wipes to throw in the garbage! Launder your cloth wipes with your cloth diapers and keep them next to the diapers for easy diaper changes. If you prefer warm wipes there are several ways to warm your cloth wipes. The easiest method is to wet your cloth wipes in hot tap water before use.

  • Economical : save money by switching from disposable to cloth!

  • Natural : better for your child’s delicate skin than disposable wipes! Almost all commercial baby wipes contain alcohol and artificial fragrance or some other drying agent that can be very harsh on your baby’s sensitive skin…making it more susceptible to rash. Instead, try plain water.  Why use a disposable wipe that may contain some cotton when you can use a cloth wipe made of natural cotton? Don’t expose your child to unknown chemicals, make the switch to cloth wipes today – for your child’s sake!

  • 可和尿褲一起備用的好搭檔!

  • 尺寸9′ x  9′ 的擦拭布可以瞬間擦淨所有髒污、一次OK

  • 只要跟尿褲一起丟進洗衣機裡洗就可以了

  • 還可替代濕紙巾使用喔!

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Baby Wipes

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