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Cloth Diapering Tips – wriggle baby

How to make your snap/button cloth diaper more papa-friendly for wriggle baby?
Many parents dread not to choose snap simply because snap diaper is said to be “difficult” for wriggle baby. This appear even harder for Daddy or Grandparents who are not so familiar with cloth diaper too. Well, as matter of fact, actually wearing wriggle baby with snap diaper is really EASY…just snap on the left side of the diaper before your wear your baby, then slot in your baby left leg in it just like he is wearing pant, then only snap on the right side. The whole process is like wearing pants.
Alternatively, if you are wearing pocket diapers (not fitted diaper due to the thickness), you can also snap both sides, after you have already knew about the correct snap sizing for your little one. Then wear your baby just like wearing a pant. Da…da…you are done.