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Cloth Diaper Information

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  • How to increase ‘lampin’ absorption rate ? (Method 1) 如何增加传统尿布的吸水量?(方法1) 
  • How to increase ‘lampin’ absorption rate? (Method 2) 如何增加传统尿布的吸水量?(方法2)
  • How to use one size diaper cover with microfiber insert and nappy liner? (A cost saving method 1)如何用尿布垫和尿兜? (经济的布尿布方法 1)
  • How to use diaper cover together with hemp doubler or traditional nappy(lampin) or prefold? (A cost saving method 2) 如何用尿布垫和尿兜? (经济的布尿布方法 2)
  • How to adjust sizing? 如何调穿尿布的大小?