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One Size Minky Pocket Diaper

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Cloth Diaper > Mixed Pocket-JCI Diapers Trial Pack

Mixed Pocket-JCI Diapers Trial Pack

One Size Minky Pocket Diaper (Snaps) for 3 - 15 kg (RM 25/set) - with 2 BIG INSERTS


Happy Feet



Green Bubble

Green Star

Snowy Blue

Peace Army

Pink Panther


Purple Star


JCI Diaper Set  - with 1 Snap On Bamboo Insert/Soaker (RM40/set)

Blue Ripple *

Purple Bear *

Freely Turtle *

Forest Bear *



Package A

Package B

Buy 2 JCI set get

FREE 2 Minky Pocket Diaper & 2 stain remover

Qty of JCI diaper set

1 2

Qty of Minky Diaper


2 (For Free)

Qty of inserts

2 big microfiber inserts, 1 bamboo insert/soaker

4 big microfiber inserts, 2 bamboo inserts/soakers

Usual price

RM 65

RM 130

Discount  price

RM 55

Now RM 120 ONLY!

Enter choice of diaper color selection here

Minky Pocket Diaper:

JCI Diaper Set:


JCI Diaper Set:


FREE Minky Pocket Diaper:

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