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Cloth Diaper > JCI One Size Diaper

Just-Change-Insert (JCI) One Size All-In-Two(AI2) Diaper 2.0

Soaker close snapshot: - note the snaps, the elastic on both sides, and also separate 2 + 3 layers


  • Snap on insert made of 3 + 2 layers of HIGHLY ABSORBENT 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton
  • Diaper: Inner-Microfleece, Outer: Waterproof and breathable Minky PUL/PUL.
  • Adjustable one size diaper cover -- from S - M - L - XL setting.
  • Fit from 3-15 kg
  • Easy to use

  • Great budget saver!
  • No more changing the whole piece of diaper when wet
  • JCI --- as its name, you will only need to JUST CHANGE INSERT when the diaper is soiled.
  • Then, simply replace with a clean insert.
  • Diaper cover - can be used as long as half a day, if not soiled.
  • Machine washable.
  • Outer layer is printed PUL

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Package Deal

1 Diaper Cover + 1 Bamboo Insert/Soaker

Get 7 pcs of Snap on Soakers at RM 80 only

Buy 2 sets JCI


FREE 1 stain remover  

RM 70

Now at RM 40 only!


RM 80 only

RM 287

 RM 140 only

SaVe RM 147

Buy 2 sets:

FREE 2 sets:




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