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Cotton menstrual pad


Cloth Pad Info > Use and Wear of Cloth Menstrual Pad

Use and Wear of Cloth Menstrual Pad    如何使用布卫生棉?

No trace of stain on used and washed cloth menstrual pad



Comparison of long & wide, regular and panty liner pads (left to right)


How to wear our cloth menstrual pad?

1.Fold inner towel pad into three and insert from the slit into the folder.


1. 卫生棉是由手帕与车成卫生棉状的布块组成。

2. Place them inside the shorts with slit side down. Then snap both wings together on the outside of the shorts.

2. 把手帕塞进卫生棉后,以纽扣扣起来就成。


3. This is how you snap underneath your panty

3. 手掌可以穿过之卫生棉背部是贴向底裤,扣子则扣在底裤外,以稳住卫生棉。


4. A well fitted pad

4. 完成的环保卫生棉

5. After used or storing, you may fold it into smaller pad

5. 也可以折起来成小包包。

  1. When you have heavy flow, increase another piece of inner towel pad.

  2. Visiting toilet more often can reduce the burden on the pad, thus can prolong changing interval of the pads.

  3. For extra security (when sporting or during night) fix pad on the shorts using safety pin.

  4. Now we have new design of wetbag for storing cloth menstrual pad. Click here

How to wash?

  1. After use, squirt some hand/body soap. If the stain be removed, then just wash and rinse as normal
  2. For heavey stain, squirt some hand/body soap and soak for few hours before washing, rinsing and sun drying.
  3. Alternatively, you can also apply one layer of our stain remover to get rid of the stain effectively.


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