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CD Info > Wash and Care for Hemp or Bamboo Insert/Doubler/Fitted Diaper

Wash and Care Guide for Hemp / Bamboo insert/doubler/fitted diaper

What you have here is : Hemp / Bamboo insert / doubler / fitted diaper


What you need to do before using:

  • Use small amount of soap powder that is bleach free, softener free and enzyme free.

  • Wash them 3 times in hot water before use. (Go through wash-dry-wash-dry-wash-dry cycle)

  • After that you can follow the same washing instructions as for other diapers.

For subsequent washing:

  • use soap powder that is bleach free, softener free and enzyme free..

  • You can use washing machine to wash, rinse and tumble dry too

Why do you need to do this?

These natural fabrics contain lots of natural oils, so it will take several washings before they reach maximum absorbency. Hemp/Bamboo is very absorbent and will continue to get more absorbent with each washing.  After the initial 3 washings, hemp can be washed in with your other diaper laundry. Hemp/bamboo inserts/ diapers don't reach their full absorbency until their 12 wash! Obviously you can start using your  inserts/diapers after just a couple of pre-washes but these inserts will get more absorbent over time.

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